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David Marotte joins the Electro Carbon executive team

Electro Carbon is proud to announce the arrival of David Marotte in the role of investor and strategic advisor.

As the transition to decarbonization of our economy takes off, Electro Carbon's technology will make it possible to play an important role in the new economy, one where business decisions include considerations of its social and environmental impact.


“I am very motivated to join this promising startup whose technology will ultimately be able to produce green chemicals in high demand, made from CO2 and thus have a positive social and environmental impact,” says David Marotte.

With technological validation carried out over the last year in collaboration with the National Center for Electrochemistry and Environmental Technology (CNETE) which was able to demonstrate the viability of its process for transforming CO2 into green chemicals with high added value, Electro Carbon is beginning the next stages of its development which will allow it to set up its first industrial system, planned for the end of 2022.


“As an Investor and Entrepreneur, I want to use my know-how to enable Electro Carbon to achieve its objectives of becoming a world leader in its industry. The potential of Electro Carbon's technology is far-reaching and I am very motivated to join and participate in the next stages of growth of this Quebec innovation,” says Mr. Marotte.


“We are privileged to be able to count on the arrival of David within our organization” indicates Martin Larocque, CEO of Electro Carbon. “A company is, first and foremost, the people who make it up and thanks to his vast wealth of experience and expertise, David will have a significant impact, both in terms of our organizational culture and in the perspective of achieving our business objectives,” continues Mr. Larocque.


Electro Carbon is a start-up founded in 2019 which aims to develop and commercialize CO2 electrolyzer technology in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as dependence on fossil fuels. It relies on a strategy of valorizing CO2 emitted locally for industrial application on the global market.



For more information about Electro Carbon, our world’s cleanest potassium formate, or to submit a speculative application.

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