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Two quebec companies join together for a greener future

A Chloride-Free and Biodegradable Alternative for De-Icing

Quebec, December 14, 2023

Electro Carbon and Avjet are joining forces to become the ecological and local solution for airport runway de-icing in Canada. Electro Carbon has designed, through an innovative electrochemical process, a de-icing product (potassium formate) made with CO2, that is non-corrosive (chloride-free), and entirely biodegradable. Avjet, an aviation fuel distributor and airport services provider, is already well established in several airports in Quebec, Ontario, and Eastern Canada. Consequently, the company will leverage its extensive distribution network by becoming the exclusive supplier of the product in Canadian airports. The market launch is planned for 2026.

Objective: Carbon Neutrality for Canadian Airports

The potassium formate currently used in airports is made from petroleum and is mainly imported from Asia and the Middle East. Electro Carbon's local and ecological alternative aligns with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality in Canadian airports by 2050. Avjet also contributes to airports’ “going green” transition plan with its project to electrify airport equipment and its involvement in the development of sustainable aviation fuels.

"This strategic collaboration with Avjet will allow us to position our green molecule, made from CO2, in our primary target market, which is Canadian airports. It will be a stepping stone to ensure market accessibility and distribution of our molecules on a large scale across the country".

Martin Larocque,

CEO, Electro Carbon inc.



For more information about Electro Carbon, our world’s cleanest potassium formate, or to submit a speculative application.

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