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A company wants to recover and transform carbon dioxide in Bécancour

A young company which received advice from the National Center for Electrochemistry and Environmental Technology (CNETE) in Shawinigan could soon set up in the Bécancour industrial and port park. Electro Carbon wants to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into potassium formate, used as a de-icing product in airports.

The company was founded at the beginning of 2019. An electrochemical process allows it to capture the CO2 that escapes from industrial chimneys and transform it into potassium formate. This value-added chemical is non-corrosive to roads and aircraft and is biodegradable.

The president and CEO, Martin Larocque, explains that it was the interest of the Trois-Rivières airport in this product in particular that encouraged the company to want to set up in Bécancour. He adds that this product is currently imported from Türkiye.

At the time of its creation, when we make potassium formate in Turkey, we create significant quantities of greenhouse gases, CO2. We really propose the opposite, that is to say that our raw material is CO2. So, when we talk about environmental impact, when we talk about climate change, our solution really fits in very well with that and we are able to have a really positive impact on the environment, he continues on the microphone . from the morning show Always in the Morning .

Potassium formate is used as a de-icing product in airports.

Cities could also use this product to de-ice their road networks in winter.

By establishing itself in the region, the company wishes to secure the supply chain.

When we talk about climate change, we often see it in a rather negative way, adds Martin Larocque.

As an innovator, we can see this as a great business opportunity, especially a great opportunity to innovate.

— A quote from Martin Larocque, CEO of Electro Carbon


Electro Carbon plans to be able to set up in the Bécancour industrial and port park within 18 months. A fundraising campaign is underway and could be completed by the end of the year.

The company's first commercial system will produce 100 tonnes of potassium formate per year, which will meet the needs of the city of Bécancour, the ports of Trois-Rivières and Bécancour, as well as the Trois-Rivières airport. Rivers.

Martin Larocque hopes for the creation of quality jobs in the region. We know that there is a lot of gray matter. There are a lot of people with a lot of potential in the region, so we definitely want to take advantage of all that.

Electro Carbon worked with the Grouping of Canadian Universities, which includes the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, and the CNETE in Shawinigan to develop its system.

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